Bear Responsibility – Help Sensibly

“We do not only bear responsibility for ourselves but also for our descendants and those people in the world who are not as fortunate as we are to be blessed with tangible goods” says Josef Erbacher, former executive director of the two companies Josera and Erbacher. These were the thoughts leading to the founding of the ERBACHER Foundation in 1989. 

The ERBACHER Foundation supports project for development cooperation in the 3 focus countries: Tanzania, Uganda and India. Projects especially important to us are those promoting livestock husbandry, crop production, water supply, environmental protection and women empowerment in rural areas. We want to contribute in making life in rural areas worthwhile living again.

Our support is mainly financial. There is an increasing professional exchange between local project partners and experts from the companies mentioned. Both can learn from each other.

The ERBACHER Foundation cooperates with confessional as well as independent development partners. It also likes to support smaller projects that were started through personal dedication of people responsible for the respective project.