Obligations Concerning Reporting

Our goal is the successful realization of projects using foundation funds.To be able to check the efficient insertion of subsidies and the quality of  project performances, the recipients of subsidies have to report to the foundation on their project as regards content and finances.  

By inserting subsidies, the recipient commits himself to making the following information available:

  • The applicant will submit a first feedback to the ERBACHER Foundation on the status quo and the develoment of the project three months after the project has been initiated (via e-mail or fax).

  • The recipient has to be able to present a monthly billing and expense vouchers for the project on inquiry of the foundation.

  • The recipient has to hand in a final report to the foundation within two months after the termination of the project. It consists of:

  1. Forms for reporting and logframe
  2. Target-performance comparison of the application budget and actual expenses

 Please use the link below to download the form for the final report. 

“The applicant agrees to the ERBACHER Foundation’s handling of third party image rights.

Annotation: Image laws are uncertain with respect to worldwide development aid due to differing personal property laws and legal situations in every country. When it comes to showing photos of people, the ERBACHER Foundation uses other development organizations and their proper moral codes as guideposts. Please inform the people on site, local partners and project managers of the fact that you will forward project photos to the ERBACHER Foundation. The ERBACHER Foundation reserves the right to use photos for its work. It pledges to only use humane and relevant photos. Showing a photo shall serve a designated purpose which is a) the documentation of the foundation’s work and the advance of local projects, b) the sensible and morally justifiable use of the photos for public relations, c) help for the people on site by creating awareness for their situation in our country.”