The ERBACHER Foundation Funding Conditions for Applicants

  • The applicant is convinced of his* project conforming to the purpose of the foundation and the list of criteria and also that it serves charitable purposes.

  •  Applicants must be German registered associations, who are involved in development cooperation and recognized by the tax office as a charitable organization. For an application, it is a requirement that this organization are working with a local NGO. The German institution is responsible for the administration and coordination and is accountable to the Foundation.

  • The applicant submits a completed application. It comprises:

  1. Application form
  2. Logframe
  3. Tabular financing plan explaining the budget of singular project activities and the entire budget. (There is no special form for this plan.)

  • After the authorization and receipt of the subsidies, the applicant will send a contribution receipt to the ERBACHER Foundation (via e-mail to: or via mail to Erbacher-Stiftung, Buchhaltung, z.Hd. Frau Katia Winter-Wolz, Industriegebiet Süd, D-63924 Kleinheubach).

  • The applicant will submit a first feedback to the ERBACHER Foundation on the status quo and the develoment of the project three months after the project has been initiated (via e-mail or fax).

  • The applicant will send significant photos and, if need be, video material to the ERBACHER Foundation during the course of the project. He agrees to the use of these materials for PR purposes of the foundation (e.g. publishing on the website). This material comprises:

  1. Documentation of conducting and result of the project (including description of photos)
  2. Fotos of the local project responsible parties along with explanations of the local situation
  3. Fotos of the actual beneficiary with statements / reports (the situation before / after)
  4. Atmospheric photos (close-ups etc) in addition to documentary photos

  • The applicant agrees to report in terms of content as well as finances at the latest two months after the termination of the project and according to coverage obligations.

  • The applicant agrees to facilitate travel to the project area. This concerns the foundation staff and employees of the companies Josera/Erbacher.

  • The applicant has to make a request for contract amendment at ERBACHER Foundation in case the concept of the planned project changes significantly, e.g.:
    -   Change of project objective
    -   Change of target group/beneficiaries
    -   Change of project location
    -   Change of local project partner implementing the project
    Any changes will have to be justified and explained in detail. Only once ERBACHER Foundation approves the requested amendment, the funding can be spent accordingly. The foundation reserves the right to claim approved funding in case the recipient does not make a request for contract amendment despite significant changes in the project concept.