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Responsible for the contents according to §10 Abs. 3 MDStV.

Non-profit Erbacher-Stiftung – Industriegebiet Süd – D-63924 Kleinheubach

Being content provider for our own content which we put up for use, we are responsible for this content according to common law. There has to be differentiated between own content and cross-references (links) to content offered by other providers. This in mind, we in some way offer “foreign content” for use through cross-references.

We can only be held responsible for this foreign content if we have positive knowledge (this also includes illegal and/or criminal content) of it and it is technically possible and reasonable to hinder its use (§5 Abs. 2 TDG). But links are always “living” (dynamic) references. Although we have revised the foreign content during the initial linking process with regards to whether it causes some sort of civil or criminal responsibility, according to TDG the provider of this content is not obliged to constantly revise the contents he refers to in his offer with respect to changes made that could give reason for a new responsibility.

Only when he ascertains or it is indicated that a specific offer to which he has provided a cross-reference causes a civil or criminal responsibility, only then will he remove the link to this offer if this is technically possible and reasonable for him. The technical possibility and reason is not influenced by the fact that even after removing the access to the illegal or penal offer via our homepage, it can still be accessed via other servers.   

All data, photos and graphs are subject to copyright. 

Errors and modifications excepted.