Am 25.4.2015 um 9 Uhr  traf sich der Stiftungsrat für die Frühjahrsentscheidungen.  In ihrer neuen Funktion als Vorsitzende des Rates eröffnete Brigitte Antoni die Sitzung und führte durch die Tagungsordnung. Der Vorstand Frank Erbacher begrüßte  als neues Mitglied  Eva-Maria Kötter, die von Unternehmensseite den Rat verstärkt. Vorbereitet wurde das Treffen von der neuen Leitung der ERBACHER STIFTUNG Christine Wagner, die bereits mehr als 3 Jahre Mitglied im Stiftungsrat war. Mit dem Augenmerk auf die die Fokusländer Tansania, Uganda und Indien wurde über die Vergabe der Projektgelder abgestimmt. In den nächsten Tagen werden die Projektpartner über die Entscheidungen informiert.  


Die Mitarbeiter Nina Rimbach und Philipp Hepp besuchten im Januar 2015 zwei Wochen die Don Bosco Academy in Nalgonda, Indien.


5 year Foundation Board member Dieter Heinen and his partner Birgit Fecher spoke about their visit to projects of the ERBACHER Foundation and showed pictures of their trip in Miltenberg and Hösbach. For three weeks they travelled all over Peru and Bolivia this past fall.


On October 18th, the Foundation Board decided upon the allocation of funds of the ERBACHER Foundation. The applicants will shortly be informed on the results. We extend a warm welcome to Sebastian Frey who, from October 2014 on, is the newest member of the Foundation Board.

Dieter Heinen, who has been a member of the Foundation Board for five years and working as chairman for the past year, has resigned from his honorary position. He passed the chair to Brigitte Antoni. We want to thank Mr Heinen for his huge commitment while working for the ERBACHER Foundation, and especially for his trips to foundation projects in the Philippines, in Peru and Bolivia.


While on a round-trip through Tanzania, the Erbacher Family also visited projects that have been supported by the ERBACHER Foundation, e.g. in Igwachanya, Lupanga and Mapanda. There, the Foundation promoted for example drinking water abstraction, a school garden, reforestation, sustainable agriculture and the production of sunflower oil together with its partners Luyoso, Tushikane and BDKJ. What is more, it supported the informational campaign against land theft.


Good news from the Green Dioceses in Farafangana, Madagascar reached us: Almost 400,000 trees have been cultivated and planted in the dioceses’ own tree schools between January and April of 2014. 14 different types of trees have been planted.


Dr. Walter Zwick held a presentation in Kleinheubach about his 10 years of development work in Cambodia. Zwick is 78 years old and married. He has six children and numerous grandchildren, is a certified agriculturist and worked as a manager for BASF for 34 years. For the past 10 years, he has been committed to a school and training program of the Salesians of Don Bosco in Cambodia on behalf of the SES (Senior Expert Service, a foundation of the German economy). He has already visited Battambang, Cambodia, 22 times. Every year he spends five months there.


Foundation executive Heidrun Zeug (middle) visits the cooperation partners Naturland and Urbis Foundation in Munich.


The Urbis Foundation, longtime partner organization of ours, has sent a report. Over the past months, the training of new farming students as well as the possibilities for production, processing and marketing at the CPIA farm in Togo notably improved with the financial support of the ERBACHER Foundation. This has a positive effect on the success of the farming students and o helps improve the food situation in this region.