Uganda, Tanzania and India Are Future Priority Countries

On the occasion of the 25th anniversary of the ERBACHER FOUNDATION we reviewed strategy, focus and purpose of the foundation so we would be able to keep providing help through our foundation in the best possible way in the future. Up to now we have supported projects in developing countries all over the world. We want to keep up this conduct for the future but we will furthermore be providing targeted support to projects in certain focal regions.  

Right now, these priority countries are Uganda, Tanzania and India. Our concern is to build expertise in these three countries, support and facilitate the participation of our company’s employees who want to commit to our foundation and to establish contact between young people from our region and people in priority countries. We are still highly interested in the active exchange of knowledge and experiences – in our priority countries and all over the world.  

If you are realizing or supporting a project in Uganda, Tanzania or India we are looking forward to your respective application. 

We will try to take into account project applications submitted by established partners even if they do not concern the focal regions.  

Applications submitted by new partners will only be accepted for the priority countries Uganda, Tanzania and India. 

Please read our revised Foundation Purpose