Washing Machine for Potatoes

The Quepe village lies in one of the poorest regions of Chile. The majority of people living here are Mapuche, a very poor people of Chilean natives. 150 Mapuche families live in Quepe. Almost all of them cultivate root vegetables and potatoes. They sell their harvest at the market in Temuco, a city at about 15km distance.    

The Whole Village Benefits

At present, the cleaning of the harvest takes place at the river Quepe. This is very dangerous and strains the back a lot. To ease the work, two washing machines were bought which the whole village can use to clean the root vegetables. Once the project results successfully, machines are to be bought for neighbouring villages which express great interest in the project.

Our fotos show the washing machine for carrots, beet root and potoatoes as well as the cooperational work with the Mapuche farmers.

The Project

Target group150 Mapuche families

The Comparison

Expectancy of life69 years80,7 Years
Childhood mortality under the age of 5
per 1,000 live births
Literacy rate of adults older than 1598.5 %n.s.
Population density (persons per km²)32.2234,6

Source: World Bank Development Indicators as of June 2013