Food for the Q'eqchi Maya

The residents of the Alta Verapaz department are extremely poor. The Q’eqchi community in the Ulpan valley is very remote. In the 19th century, the land was taken from the inhabitants and given to influential people and European immigrants. The indigenous population now works as wageworkers way below statutory minimum wage. Their rights are not being enforced due to the indifference of public authority. The biggest injustice toward the Maya is how great land owners start selling them tiny plots without written contracts and under the condition that they keep working as farmers for them.

Help with Agrarian Fund

CAFNIMA, center for families and abused children, supports the indigeniuos population with the foundation of an agrarian fund. It allows the introduction of 150 families to organic farming. In the future, these families will be able to sustain themselves and market excess products. The improved nutritional situation and organic farming as a new way of life are supposed to reduce the migration to the cities.

The ERBACHER Foundation promotes the realisation of this project. These measures need to be taken: 

  • Measures to maintain soil fertility (banking and consolidation of soil)
  • Building of fruit and vegetable plantations
  • Buying chicken, calves and pigs
  • Construction of a biogas plant
  • Financing of an agricultural consultant for organic farming
  • Preparation and acquisition of schooling materials

The Project

PartnerTaten statt Worte (Germany) and CAFNIMA (Guatemala)
Target group150 families from 8 communities of the Ulpan village, approx. 670 persons; the situation of 4000 persons is inderectly being improved

The Comparison

Expectancy of life71 years80,7 Years
Childhood mortality under the age of 5
per 1,000 live births
Literacy rate of adults older than 1578 %n.s.
Population density (persons per km²)144234,6

Source: World Bank Development Indicators as of June 2013

Project Development

Weiterführendes Projekt der Landwirtschaft

Nachdem im Zuge des Projekts „Nahrung für die Mayas von Q’eqchi“ Maßnahmen zur Verbesserung der Ernährungssituation getätigt wurden, wird dieses Projekt 2016 weitergeführt. Im weiteren Verlauf sollen soziale Schwachstellen gesenkt und das Einkommen der Familien gesteigert werden. Um dies zu erreichen, sind Trainings zum Thema Landwirtschaft, besonders auch für Mütter und Witwen mit Kindern, sowie Schulungen zur Nutzung von Solarenergie, geplant. Hierdurch soll die Gesundheit der Mayas verbessert und zusätzlich das Einkommen gesteigert werden. Diese Maßnahmen dienen außerdem der Gemeinschaftsförderung innerhalb der Gemeinde.

Zielsetzungen des Projekts:

  • Verbesserung des Demonstrationszentrums für Landwirtschaft
  • Kredit für 40 Ferkel und 10 Hühner, um Ausbildung der Kinder in den Familien finanzieren zu können
  • 10 Jugendliche ausbilden, damit diese ihre Gemeinde ausbilden können