ERBACHER Foundation Celebrates 25th Anniversary

On May 16th, 2014, the ERBACHER Foundation celebrated its 25th anniversary. Since its foundation in 1989 ERBACHER Foundation has been supporting development projects in rural areas all over the world. The Erbacher family invited partners and friends of the foundation as well as employees of JOSERA – ERBACHER to celebrate this jubilee together. In addition to speeches and open discussions on the topic of development aid and cooperation, the Erbacher family spoke about the past of the foundation, plans for the future and presented the ERBACHER Foundation as an important component of their family business.  

Foundation History

Josef Erbacher took the attendees on a trip 50 años into the past. He spoke about the desire he had as a child to get to know Africa, the sun country that promised so much freedom. After their wedding, he and his wife wanted to work as development aid workers and doctors in development countries. The early death of the company’s founder Joseph Erbacher balked these plans. Josef Erbacher decided to continue his father’s business. The affinity to development countries and the people living there remained as well as the desire to do something for them and a world more just. In 1989, after many años of support from individual missionaries, the ERBACHER Foundation was founded.    

Birgit Seeger, born Erbacher, managed and further developed the foundation from 1998-2012. Among other things, she initiated the Foundation Board that decides on the repartition of aid money. Gratefully she mentioned the true bond of friendship that connects her to many project partners to this day: “Thank you for your open minds, your honesty and your commitment to dedicate yourselves to making the world a better place.”

Support Development

The event’s common theme was development. Thomas Gerhards of the Salesians of Don Bosco emphasized: “It all depends on the people who want to shape their country. It’s always about people developing. Development co-operations can only develop people’s potential and skills. We can only support people who want to develop themselves and their environment.“ But the individual has to opt for this development. For this reason, development co-operation is never completely predictable. Development always needs time. Good development co-operation creates basic economic, social and political conditions. Development always refers to holistic support with a focus on the holistic human being. Successful development co-operation includes intelligent planning, pre-set goals and reflected measures. And there still remains room for flexibility.  It creates a balance between planning and measurability on one hand and success and liberty of action on the other hand.  

ERBACHER Foundation Is An Important Part Of The JOSERA – ERBACHER Company

ERBACHER Foundation is part of the business development program at JOSERA – ERBACHER and an essential component of the family business, say Burkard and Frank Erbacher, CEOs at JOSERA – ERBACHER. The positive business development allows development co-operation all over the world. The companies and the foundation belong together and develop reciprocally: The employees of the company generate subsidies for the ERBACHER Foundation and enable development in countries less prosperous.  Their work makes sense and creates an honest and sustainable profit for people all over the world. Work at the company as well as work in the foundation’s projects is always about creating real benefit.

The foundation provides their employees with contacts to foundation projects, enables specific exchange, global thinking and raising of consciousness. The participation in the foundation’s work either here with the Foundation Board or when visiting a project site is an integral offer for the development of the employees they can personally benefit from. This indirectly affects the company in a positive way. Over the course of the next couple of months, five employees will visit projects in India, Burundi, Perú and Bolivia.   

Factors Of Success: Encourage – Take Responsibility – Show Interest

The factors of the success of a company are the same as the factors of success for development co-operation, says Burkard Erbacher. It’s always about encouraging people, taking responsibility, being present on site and show honest interest in the people and the project. Someone who provides a real and honest benefit for people makes good development possible. Mutual trust, appreciation and motivation are indispensable.

Zum Abschluss des Tages hatten die Gäste die Möglichkeit, eine Betriebsführung im Unternehmen JOSERA – ERBACHER mitzumachen und beim anschließenden jährlichen Mitarbeiterfest mit den Mitarbeitern der Firmen ins Gespräch zu kommen.

Networking And Exchange

Partner organizations, friends of the foundation and employees of the companies had the chance to network, compare notes and discuss at the jubilee. Frank Erbacher invited the audience to “get us enthusiastic about your projects today because this is a chance for us, for our employees and for the people in your projects.”

At the end of the day, the guests had the opportunity to attend a guided tour of the JOSERA – ERBACHER company and talk to the employees at the following annual company get-together.